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Pool Table Evolution
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TOPIC: Pool Table Evolution

Pool Table Evolution 6 years, 4 months ago #615

  • DonDon6
  • Junior Boarder
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Hey Glenn,

Did you miss my upgrade to 15 balls.

I suggest that you make the "R" instruction disappear more rapidly. It really slow thinkg down for a while.

I use the "Gun" to shot the cue ball. Works well and also gives you an indication of strength ot the shot. You can also directly "shot" the cue ball by modiifiyng the x and y velocities.

Great working with you on this project. Psysion has much potential for important developments. I sure Hope Dimitis get 1.02 going soon. I thing the "Move" and "Copy functions will be a great help.

Good to find out your in Australia - that explains the odd hour updates. I am in Vienna Virginia USA.


Re: Pool Table Evolution 6 years, 4 months ago #618

Hi Don.
Yes, i recently saw you had a modified version, after i uploaded that stuff.
I will leave it to you to add the extra balls to my new demo. I noticed you figured
out how to stop the table-top from colliding with the balls!
Sorry about the delay again, as have been off-line again with medical stuff!
Don't worry. This is a good distraction! Yes, I've removed that "R" instruction.
Was only temporary to let people know, and it did slow things down.

In my demo, i stopped the cue ball auto moving, so that you (others) could see what
was happening better, and the "throw it with the mouse" is only temporary until i
make it move properly by using the cue-stick.

Have uploaded a NEW version, that NOW PLAYS SOUNDS, with sounds & ReadMe....
The ReadMe contains any important information.

Re: "Move" & "Copy".
They will be added in the next version i think, but in the mean time, i assume you
know of the other user-written tools that will do that, and more, for the time being?
Some that i use all the time, are the "Context Toolbar" by Nait....
And added functions with the mouse, by Lynxx (& Nait)....
FIRST, load your .scene file.
THEN, File|Evaluate Script, and select 'Context Toolbar.script' from where you put it.
FINALLY, File|Evaluate Script, 'zzz_mousefilter.script' , (if not in \autoload\).
The first, will show you new tools at the top. The "C" one, Clones the selected item.
The 'MouseFilter', will not show anything different, but now, once an object is clicked
on in the scene, and you then hold the [SHIFT] button on the keyboard, you can
move the object with the mouse! See the links above for other details.
Lynxx is not sure why yet, but the MouseFilter script must be the LAST thing you do.
Make sure you keep saving, with temporary versions.
Hope this helps you.

When scripting, like in the 'OnUpdate' or 'OnContact' events etc., notice that their is
always a blank line at the end that i've entered. For some reason, if the LAST line
is not completed with a carriage-return, the scripts don't seem to work!!!!

P.P.S. Re: Australia.
Yea, we are up-side-down here. We just spell things the right way! ha ha.
Actually, it can be a problem. Words like 'Colour' (USA Color), & Centre/Center.
In BASIC programming for eg., we have to use the 'US' spelling of 'Color' etc.
1x1 square diag = root-2. Cube diag = root-3. Beautiful !
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Re: Pool Table Evolution 6 years, 4 months ago #619

  • Lynxx
  • Gold Boarder
  • Java/C#-Developer
  • Posts: 223
Glenn555 wrote:
Lynxx is not sure why yet, but the MouseFilter script must be the LAST thing you do.

Na, this is fixed since two months look here.

The Physion Event-System is still buggy when attaching to the Application, i changed the filter to attach to the mainWindow instead, this works bugfree - and loading order doesn't matter.
Infinity is vast, especially near end.
bye, Lynxx

Re: Pool Table Evolution 6 years, 4 months ago #620

Oh, ok, thanks Lynxx.
I had (and use) that latest version, but I thought you had addressed other
technical issues only, as you still started the script name with 'zzz_...'. That's good !
1x1 square diag = root-2. Cube diag = root-3. Beautiful !
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