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Advanced Scenes
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TOPIC: Advanced Scenes

Advanced Scenes 6 years, 4 months ago #665

  • DonDon6
  • Junior Boarder
  • Posts: 30
Hey Glenn:

You have some advanced scripting scenes in the forum. Do you have any other advanced script scenes that you would share with the forum (or me)


Re: Advanced Scenes 6 years, 4 months ago #671

Hi Don. I wondered where you had got to.
I don't think I'm doing anything too 'advanced', and I've really only learnt Javascript since
playing around with Physion! Mostly, my 'forte', is in dealing with Graphics, that I'm
involved with extensively, and hence my trend towards the 'look' of things, as well.

I've dumped a few things into a directory here, for you to look at....

Some has been up-loaded before, and others not seen yet. (Trials in progress).
The 'Gears' stuff, is something I'm up-loading properly, soon, and it involves creation
of polygon-gears, more properly shaped, and different tooth pitches. (And racks).
These samples only show a few variants, to play with for now.
They will be created via a new tool-bar. I'm also working on an external program,
to handle a repository of polygon objects, to import/save from scenes, and it even
reads 'Algodoo' files, and gets the polygon objects from them, and an Editor !

The 'Sliding-Crank' demo, (posted before), shows visually how I created the Crank
by the use of Boolean ops, but it gets hard to explain. Make sure the object that is
doing the cutting, has a higher ZValue than the part to be modified. And the 'Cut' in
the shape, is to facilitate one continuous polygon surface. (No inside-shape).
Dimitris said that this will change later, alowing inside cavities etc.

The 'Switching And Chains' example, is just a collection of ideas. Showing how to
make things switch back and forward, and also a trial for proper chains/sprockets.
In this example, they did not mesh properly with the sprocket ! but that is being
corrected. Chains & sprockets will also be auto-created, via the tool-bar.

The 'SpeedControl-Switch-Meter-Demo' is interesting. (And new too).
More things that will later be auto-created, and handled by Functions.
(Pretty well explained, within the demo).

There are also 2 photo's stored there, for a project I'm working on, to simulate a
real Digging-Machine, (like a BackHoe), that will be skinned with real imaging.
Including the hydraulic pistons & their shafts. Have worked out the physics, and coding,
but am a long way from showing it yet. Will probably show a skeleton-preview soon,
before it is skinned, so you can see how i did it. The photos are manually edited, and
I create all the individual parts from them, and save them separately, as .PNG files,
with transparent backgrounds. Will all be controlled from the keyboard, and will load
a dump-truck, which can be emptied back in the hole later!
(Always been facinated with diggers, and would like to play with one, some day!).

So, that's a start for you.
Have a good day.
1x1 square diag = root-2. Cube diag = root-3. Beautiful !
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Re: Advanced Scenes 6 years, 4 months ago #675

  • DonDon6
  • Junior Boarder
  • Posts: 30
Thank You for the Great Examples.

I find the Gravity, Speed Control and 3D scenes amazing.

Enough scripting involved to keep me busy studying for days !


Re: Advanced Scenes 6 years, 4 months ago #677

You are welcome Don.
Have been off line for a few days, travelling (elsewhere in Adealde), for family do's.
I assume you have looked at the coding in the script for the gravity/magnets.
I've been used to (since long ago!) heavily //Remarking// code, not just for others,
but so that 'I' remember what the hell I was trying to do, some time in the future!
Finished versions can be stripped of all that, and can further condense code for speed,
but for now, it handles the speed quite well. There are a few 'funny' bits in it, that is
beyong the 'normal'(?) object-oriented refs, and if you would like further explanation,
please don't hesitate to ask. (Like the... 'eval' stuff, etc).

P.S. I got the 'idea' of 3D, since playing your original Pool-Table scene. I thought...
"What if we could view that from a different angle??" In the simplified demo, I was
just changing the Radius, as it traversed through the 'Y' axis, but it is not just Physion,
but the whole underlying 'Box2D' logic, that is really limited to 2D. (Technically!).

With my 'Gravity/Magnet' Function, it is taking into account 'Mass', too, but only in the
2D world! The 'Area' of a circle, is Pi*r-squared, and area of a rectangle L * W,
but a 3D sphere, or a cube, is much more. But i want it much more realistic!

I REALLY want to, (and now have time, and ability again!), to complete the other stuff.
Hope you have a good day. I think Virginia Climate is a lot like Adelaide, Australia.
(Seasons back to front though!). Was nice during last week, then this weekend back
to cold at night, (even as low as 11-deg Centigrade!(sorry Lynxx), but this week is
going to be about 30-C. Prob Max about 38-C at Christmas. Just right for Santa!
Bye for now. Glenn.
1x1 square diag = root-2. Cube diag = root-3. Beautiful !
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