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snap elements / import picture as scene
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TOPIC: snap elements / import picture as scene

snap elements / import picture as scene 6 years, 4 months ago #368

Hello again.
Excuse me if I only drop hard suggestions
This is a dual suggestion having the same purpose. The topic is purpose oriented
When I create bodies, most of the time I do it by taking relations with other bodies into account. I think everybody does it this way.
F.i. I attach a box at the mid-radius of a circle. Physics related applications must be cad-like by nature. (I can hear "oh, no, not this!" )
I feel the need of snapping to centers, ends, midpoints etc. Of course there is the grid but it only helps by half. And there are far more cases where the grid could do absolutely nothing, because you need more precision (infinite by not using grid) and selective less precision, relative to bodies.
In order to finish such a project, I'd need one of two features:

1. Snapping elements

I'm talking about the points that are already present in the body that is, corners, center and midpoint (Ok this is a result of the two but it's so useful).
These would hold feasible for circles and boxes only.

For a level-up I was thinking intersection, tangent, on, perpendicular etc.

For an even more challenging version -- I can hear grinding teeth -- move, rotate, scale with respect to a reference point f.i.
scale an irregular body up with the origin at the click, until it touches another body.
This is rarely needed but the point is that it could get even more difficult than the previous idea
So, basically it's a cad drawing part, not related to physics. The good news is all of the above can be done in an external cad application which gets me to

2. Import picture as a scene

Currently only individual shapes can be imported (If I got it right). But the positions of the objects in the original drawing would be lost.

Re: snap elements / import picture as scene 6 years, 4 months ago #371

  • Dimitris
  • Administrator
  • Posts: 218

Excuse me if I only drop hard suggestions
That's what this forum is all about!

I do like the idea of having a cad-like environment for the application. Things like snap points (and grip points) are definitely very useful. I am assuming that you have already seen the "Snap To Objects" (F10) option.

I am guessing that what you have in mind are the snapping toolbars of AutoCAD (or a similar CAD software). I'll see what I can do...

As for the second suggestion, I think it would be quite difficult to import an image as a scene. A more feasible solution would be to import an svg image as scene.

Re: snap elements / import picture as scene 6 years, 4 months ago #378

I apologize I missed the object snapping feature.
I thought the upper left corner highlight was meant as the origin to place the object
Strong features you already have there.

Re: snap elements / import picture as scene 6 years, 4 months ago #379

  • Lynxx
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Snapping would be nice, i got problems creating complex working gears. The Grid isn't really helpful with this and it's not possible to move gears after they are created.
I tried to create the gears with scripts, but then Gear tooth size and Gear tooth count divisor are missing.

That's why i already suggested Add Gear tooth size and Gear tooth count divisor.
But moving gears would also help a lot.
Infinity is vast, especially near end.
bye, Lynxx

Re: snap elements / import picture as scene 6 years, 3 months ago #458

Hi. Am new to this, but since Lynxx and others added the 'move objects' function
using the SHIFT key, i found that you CAN move gears, if you delete JUST the
central rotating shaft first, and, after moving, re-create a new central revolute joint.
1x1 square diag = root-2. Cube diag = root-3. Beautiful !
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