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Horrible: Download feature & Website Scenes
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TOPIC: Horrible: Download feature & Website Scenes

Horrible: Download feature & Website Scenes 2 years, 3 months ago #919

First of all, I completely recognize that their are children using this. I couldn't be happier. Unfortunately, in my opinion, they are ruining some aspects of this program, hindering the progression of Physion's ability to become more popular, and just making the experience (online) seem completely worthless.

The auto-download feature, ya that one that doesn't let you pick, IMO is it piratically pointless. While it may be a decent feature for a child, it is absolutely worthless to anyone else. Reason to follow after second rant.


I feel this struggles to gain popularity against such programs as Algodoo(amazing) and Powder Toy(amazing) for one reason and only one reason. The online sharing experience / community helps drive the popularity of these programs.

The joke submissions or the ones from children are just detrimental. They are usually just copies of the original included scenes from the author, the same thing I just said plus adding sh** loads of objects, or just plain out scenes that DO NOT WORK. Like the person gave up and said F it. Sorry about language but I doubt kids hang in the forums and this is a very deal to me as a student and a tutor, as well as a hater of the crap American public education system, I fell that things like this program can be life savers. Literally. I do not misuse this word. I mean the intended definition of literally.

I have so much more to say but I would like to see what kinds of responses I get before I add more. Sorry for spelling (if any) and / or gramatical errors. I do not care to be 100% perfect nor do I wish to return to English class. Scientist here, not a ______________?

Re: Horrible: Download feature & Website Scenes 2 years, 3 months ago #920

  • Dimitris
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Hi hAirypAulsAck and welcome to Physion,

I agree with your points and suggestions. I do agree that Physion's scenes need a rating system and also a system which would filter duplicates and empty scenes.

Please note that Physion hasn't been updated for 4 years. That is both the website and the software itself. Lately I've been trying to update both (website and software). I've made some progress in transitioning from Joomla to Wordpress but this is still a work in progress. One of my top priorities in the new website would be to implement a more intelligent scene system (including rating and social sharing).

Thanks for your suggestions.
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