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Physion 1.01 Released

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Physion New Release

Version 1.01 released! The new version contains several bug fixes (as reported in forums) and 4 new translations (Russian, Japanese, German and Spanish).


  • Bug Fix: The name of a PhysicsItem now always corresponds to a script engine variable (no more Reference Errors)
  • Bug Fix: Removing the "other" body from an "OnContact" event no longer crashes the application. (Relevant forum post)
  • Bug Fix: Inactive (deleted) objects no longer execute their "OnUpdate" property. (Relevant forum post)
  • Bug Fix: Widgets created by the script engine will automatically close (and get deleted) when a new scene gets loaded or created (as long as their parent is the main window). (Relevant forum post)
  • Bug Fix: "Explode" tool is now working with Greek locale. (Relevant forum post)
  • Bug Fix: Simulation no longer starts automatically after exporting. (Relevant forum post)
  • Bug Fix: Changing the timer interval no longer causes the simulation to automatically start. (Relevant forum post)
  • Bug Fix: The program was crashing when a pulley joint between a static and a non-static body was created. (Relevant forum post)
  • Select tool can now also perform rubber band selection.
  • Registered more types with the script engine
  • Added "autoload" functionality: scripts that exist in folder "data/scripts/autoload" will be automatically loaded when a new scene is created.
  • Added OnStart, OnStop, OnKeyPress and OnKeyRelease events for all physics items
  • Added Russian translation (thanks to Kirill Ilinich)
  • Added Japanese translation (thanks to Tatt)
  • Added German translation (thanks to Holger Hippenstiel)
  • Added Spanish translation (thanks to Horacio Martínez)
  • Fixed some issues with dynamic retranslation of action context widgets
  • Added some documentation