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Physion 1.2.0 Released

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Physion New Release

Version 1.2.0 released.
After almost 4 years of inactivity, a new version of Physion has been released!


  • Updated 3rd-Party Libraries:
    • Qt 5.5.1
    • Box2D 2.3.2
    • Qwt 6.1
    • quazip 0.7.1
  • Qt Installer Framework is now used to create Physion installers.
    • Online installers.
    • Physion maintenace tool.
  • Automatic update checks during application startup.
  • Bodies can now have holes inside them (thanks to poly2tri library)
  • Javascript editor will now only accept programs that are syntactically correct.
  • Added script debugger
  • Bug Fix: Application was crashing when it could not create a temp directory. (Relevant forum post)
  • Added Chinese translation
  • Added Italian translation (thanks to Sergio Martino)
  • Added French translation (thanks to Michael Jeandeau (and also S├ębastien C. for his partial translation))
  • Added Indonesian translation (thanks to Zaki Akhmad)